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One of the most requested services this past year has been to train our clients how to do their own podcasts. From developing a strong concept, training on interviewing techniques, gear procurement, technical set-up, production logistics, editing, and distribution.


It all started with our own podcasts with local businesses and organizations.  Below, sample a few of Stream Digital's original Lessons Learned podcasts.

Working With the Best

TreeFoundation_small (1).png
All Faiths Food Bank Sandra.png


All Faiths Food Bank

Join Lisa for her interview with Sandra Frank, CEO at All Faiths Food Bank here in Sarasota.  Voted nonprofit of the year in 2021 by the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, Sandra and her team do their work in partnership with 196 agencies and their programs.  In 2020 during the height of the pandemic, an astonishing workforce of dedicated volunteers donated nearly 31,000 hours to help deliver 18.4 million meals to children, families, seniors, veterans and those in crisis.  Tune in to learn more about one of our area’s nonprofit treasures - a true powerhouse on the road to ending hunger.   

Hunger. Relief.

Listen Now - All Faiths Food Bank

Sandra Frank

Education Found Sarasota Jenifer.jpeg

Jennifer Vigne

President & CEO



Education Foundation of Sarasota County

Join Lisa for a great interview with Jennifer Vigne, President & CEO at the Education Foundation of Sarasota County. The Education Foundation provides another superb example of strategic philanthropy at work - and is the only area organization exclusively dedicated to supporting students and teachers in Sarasota County Schools. Their team is focused on helping all students graduate prepared to successfully progress along the educational pathways beyond high school, whether that be in active military service, technical schools, community colleges, or four-year universities. They work to equip all students to flourish in productive careers and nimbly adapt to a rapidly changing world. Today the Education Foundation annually serves nearly 44,000 students and 5,000 instructional staff and support personnel in 53 public schools in the Sarasota County Schools district. With the addition of families, employers, and citizens who depend on an educated population, they serve many more thousands in this vast and essential mission. Education Foundation: Enhancing the potential of students. Promoting excellence in teaching. Inspiring innovation in education. 

Graduating With Purpose

Listen Now - Education Foundation of Sarasota County



Elizabeth Moore 

Join Lisa for the first in her new series focused on the life and work of Elizabeth Moore, the Suncoast’s most iconoclastic conservation philanthropist. Lisa and Elizabeth talk about how they met and then take a tour of the things, past and present, that motivate Elizabeth in her philanthropy, her hands-on approach, and her relentless pursuit of conservation organizations and projects that generate positive impacts today and into the future. We’re treated to a peek behind-the-scenes at Elizabeth’s 1,143-acre Triangle Ranch in Myakka, a remarkable, beautiful piece of our area watershed - a place she manages for water quality, wildlife, and for cattle and ecotourism.  

Conservation Unicorn

Listen Now - Elizabeth Moore

Elizabeth Moore, Conservation Philanthropist

Sarasota chamber Heather.jpg

Heather Kasten

President & CEO



Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

Join Lisa for her interview with Heather Kasten, President & CEO at the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce. Lisa learns why The Chamber is a major force in our community's economic prosperity and outstanding lifestyle - and how they are providing the leadership needed to achieve a diverse balanced economy that enhances the quality of living and working in greater Sarasota. In our continuously evolving marketplace, The Chamber is a bridge that links businesses, organizations and residents together with innovative programs that strengthen Sarasota's long-term economic vitality, business success, job creation and quality of life. By partnering with area businesses they work to connect, promote, and support their members with opportunities to grow.

Connect. Promote. Support.

Listen Now - Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce
Lemurs Dr-Erik-P-Patelsp.jpg

Dr. Erik R. Patel
Conservation & Research Director  



The Lemur Conservation Foundation

Join Lisa for a fascinating interview with Penelope Bodry-Sanders, Founder & Board Member and Dr. Erik R. Patel, Conservation & Research Director at The Lemur Conservation Foundation (LCF). Work to protect and save lemurs in the wild begins at LCF’s private reserve in Myakka City, Florida. Five species, many free-ranging in protected forest habitats, offer scientists and students unique research opportunities. A managed breeding program, following recommendations from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan, is vital to preserving a genetic safety net for wild lemur populations. From their office in the SAVA Region of northeastern Madagascar, LCF works with conservation partners and communities bordering protected lemur habitats. That work focuses on Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve (ASSR) and Marojejy National Park, together spanning 320 square miles of mountainous rainforest. 

Those fascinating lemurs

Listen Now - Lemur Conservation Foundation

Penelope Bodry-Sanders

Founder & Board Member 

New College Pat Okker.jpg

Patricia Okker




New College of Florida

Join Lisa for her interview with Dr. Patricia Okker, President at New College of Florida in Sarasota. In this far-ranging interview, Lisa and Pat delve into what makes New College special and why, for many students, their approach to education is far more productive. Lisa learns how New College of Florida prepares intellectually curious students for lives of great achievement by developing each student’s unique intellectual and personal potential. With a focus on hands-on learning and not solely on credit hours and GPA, the College consistently generates graduates with highest levels of competence and a practical mastery of subjects and areas of study. All this adds up to graduates with skills that work and who are prepared for life, the workforce and are able to innovate and adapt in our world’s fast-changing landscape. New College continues to attract the best and brightest students locally and from across the nation -  and for good reason. Tune in and find out why.   

Fearless learning

Listen Now - New College of Florida
Patterson Found Debra Jacobson.jpg



The Patterson Foundation

Join Lisa for an energizing interview with Debra M. Jacobs, President & CEO at The Patterson Foundation. The Patterson Foundation encourages connecting and collaboration to strengthen people, organizations, and communities. With a mission that’s both wide and deep, the foundation enjoys a view of the entire region, its strengths, needs and opportunities. Rather than having grant cycles or requests for proposals, it strengthens the efforts of people, organizations, and communities by focusing on issues that address mutual aspirations, foster wide participation, and encourage learning and sharing. Unbound by a particular issue focus or geographic area, it works to optimize opportunities to create sustainable impact in our region and beyond. 

Strengthening the Impact

Debra M. Jacobs

President & CEO

Ringling College Larry.jpeg

Larry R. Thompson




Ringling College of Art + Design

In this installment of Lessons Learned, Lisa talks with Dr. Larry Thompson, President of the Ringling College of Art + Design.  Dr. Thompson looks back at his 22 years with the College, at today’s exciting growth and ahead at the bright future for what is fast becoming the preeminent Art and Design College in the nation.  We also take a behind the scenes look at some of the strategies and advances shaped during the pandemic.   

The Art + Design of Success

Listen Now - Ringling College of Art + Design


President & CEO



Farm to Table + Resilient Retreat

ON LOCATION: Resilient Retreat’s Inaugural Farm to Table Feast 

Lisa and David talk to the devoted team of people behind this inaugural event, plus some event supporters and a special guest who shares her experience as a participant in Resilient Retreat’s unique program of trauma-informed care. The event's proceeds will benefit Resilient Retreat’s mission to empower survivors of trauma, first responders and helping professionals to thrive through self-care and community. 

Farm to Table for Healing

Listen Now - Farm to Table Resilient Retreat

Elizabeth Moore



TreeFoundation_small (1).png

TREE Foundation

ON LOCATION: TREE Foundation Annual Tree Party Event

Join Lisa at Michael’s on East for the Annual TREE Foundation Tree Party Event for a fascinating lineup of interviews with the remarkable women devoted to conserving forests here and around the world. You’ll learn how the latest tree research, exploration and education is making an impact, and how you can get involved.  
Dr. Meg Lowman, Executive Director, TREE Foundation
Called the “real life Lorax” by National Geographic, Meg Lowman exudes a passion for trees and forest conservation. She is an author, explorer, scientist, arbornaut, mom, and change-agent for conservation. 

All About the Trees

Listen Now - Tree Foundation

Elizabeth Moore


ABC7 Jeff.jpg

Jeff Benninghoff

Vice President & General Manager



WWSB ABC 7 Sarasota

Lisa recently talked with Jeff Benninghoff, Vice President & General Manager at WWSB ABC 7 in Sarasota.  While this was a bit of a departure from our focus on the non-profit community, Jeff’s interview provided some important insight into how the community - including non-profit organizations - responded to the pandemic and how his station was able to help the community stay connected and informed.  Additionally, Jeff provided an insider’s perspective on the ongoing evolution of the news business and of how content is developed and distributed to reflect needs and interests of the area.

The 30,000 ft. View

Listen Now - WWSB ABC 7 Sarasota

Rick Piccolo

President & CEO



Sarasota Bradenton International Airport

Join Lisa for a fascinating chat with Rick Piccolo, President & Chief Executive Officer at the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (SRQ).  SRQ is the fastest growing airport in the nation with all the perks and challenges that go along with that status.  Rick gives us a look at SRQ’s remarkably successful business model - and pulls the curtain on what’s coming next for the airport.  

SRQ on the Fast Track

Listen Now - Sarasota Bradenton International Airport
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